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is an officially registered company and trademark in Switzerland since January 2000. Online since 1997.
:: subwave Internet was official Member of SWITZERLAND TOURISM and 2010-14 of Swiss Label
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15+ years in business

We started importing Russian watches to Switzerland already 1995 - later ran the 2nd onlineshop wordwide ( . The 1st shop was which was kept by an austrian salesman. He left the business in 2001 and we could use the good adress for some years until Moscow took it home - with Google Ranking 5 which was built up by us. (meanwhile the shop is offline again). We sold many 1000 russian watches and helped to make them known in the world. More brands using the russian movements were added for the distribution in Switzerland. We had some influence in the designs of new watches and names for the watches were given by us; JOURNEY, CONQUISTADOR, JETFIGHTER, POP, SECRET MISSION, NAVY, METROPOLIS. MONO etc; these are still used by many other sellers.
For 2 BASELWORLD fairs (russian watches in Basel for the first time!) we imported all shown watches for Volmax and Vostok Europe.
Later when the watches became more expensive we did no more sell enough and lost supply by Volmax and VE. From other sources we can still buy the watches though.

We have more success meanwhile with Moscow Classic, Pilot, Junkers, Zeppelin, Zeno, Aristo, Wenger, Mondaine, Omega, Longines .. all the famous Swiss brands.

This onlineshop replaces our many shops which use JAVA shop-application and Flash navigation on the long term. These are no more supported well after IE upgrades in 2006. Also the storage of creditcard data is not allowed by the card companies. The Shop uses our self-developed ::shopwave CMS solution which is already in use for two years on SWISSMADE.COM, our other big project.

2009-4 reprogramming of CMS should be finished and server moved to a new, faster & more secure server in the US.
2009-5 We open our new shop in Basel, Gerbergasse 53.
2009-9 Official distributor of Aviator, Wenger, Junkers, Zeppelin, Aristo, Vostok-Europe .. watches. Check their websites.
2010 Also off. salespoint of Poljot-International and Moscow Classic
2012 Security problems with Paypal - No longer accepted in our shops. PP is too much risk for businesses.
2016 AVT is a shop with discounted priced in order to sell out the big stocks of mechnaical watches we still have.
        Note that in our Basel retail shop ( you get not the same low prices for these watches.








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