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SAFERPAY is a payment service by Telekurs / SIX Card Solutions AG, the market leader in the area of cashless payments in Switzerland. Hundreds of thousands of financial transactions are handled by Telekurs Card Solutions AG every day. For more info see

SAFERPAY is operated in Switzerland and provides a guarantee of secure and simple payment on the Internet. No credit card information will be received nor saved by us.

If you pay using Mastercard SecureCode or VerifiedByVisa credit cards, the system might not show you the payment confirmation immediately. Please do not order twice as the payment will be processed in most cases. Please check back later for your order status. If you use a popop-blocker on your computer you can also right-click the link and choose "Open in new window" or "Copy link location" to proceed with the secure payment. If you have any problems please e-mail us quickly.

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