The watch brand ASTROAVIA with its headquarter in Berlin presents the creation and sale of a quality watch that offers the characteristic features of classical German pilot watches and combines them with a simple but sophisticated design.


In the year 2012 the company that started with the father and is continued today by the two sons, looks back on a success story that owes this result to the combination of high technical standard with a clear and concise design at an affordable price.

On this basis, the development team of ASTROAVIA completed the high grade stainless steel case of the pilot watch and its good structured and fast detectable dials with many further creative features that today are significant for the name of ASTROAVIA. The individual and exclusive watch collections are often and gladly carried in professional life with its demands on accuracy and very fast detection.


As an international watch brand ASTROAVIAs watches are registered and exported in over 30 countries and stand out from the mass production by its distinguished and carefully designed collections that are produced in small quantities.





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