Handwind chronographs with the russian 3133 movement which is made with machines POLJOT 1st MWF bought from Switzerland in the late 70ies - when the quartz movements come up. The 3133 is built similar to Valjoux 7734 and in todays version is in the quality at least the same as its parent.

21 600 half-oscillations
Height 7.35 mm
Side second hand
Date-of-the month calendar
Stopwatch: summing-up action
Sweep-type hand of second counter
Side-hand of minute counter
30-min capacity of minute counter scale
23 Ruby jewels
Balance period 0,33(3) sec
Mean daily rate from -10 to +20 sec/day
43-64 h winding (with stopwatch turned off)

2011/12 : Maktime went bankrupt and the 3133 movement is never again being produced. This is the end of the russian watch industry at least for the famous mechanical watches. In 2012 all chronos still running with this solid movement are becoming much more expensive. The 3133 watches will only gain in value in the future (as they did in the past 10 years - form USD 100 to 500)


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