We hate Breitling

It's a pity but BREITLING is today a black sheep under Swiss watchproducers - we will no more offer their products.

- Breitling states on their website that 100% of their watches sold on the Internet are fake (or 1% used). This is of course a lie. They would probably go bankrupt without the sales- and advertising-channel internet. 100ds of genuine Breitling watches daily only on Ebay.

- Breitling does no more write 'Swiss Made' on their watches - probably because they are made in the far east.

- Breitling spends billions in advertising all over the world - even in more than questionable projects like the 'Red Bull Air-race' in the Swiss mountains with extreme environemental pollution. They would better invest more in the quality of the watches and in the production in Switzerland.

- We heard many complaints about Breitling watches from watchcollectors. Even the POLJOT (Russian mechanical chronographs for less than $400) quality is better some of them said. Breitling service is obviously poor too. One customer even threw his watches in the 'value' of some $ 10'000 away!

- They bring us to court for selling 3 or 4 watches of the US brand CTI and make us responsible for the CTI logo which ressembles the Breitling logo a bit - like many other logos with wings for pilot-watches. Worldwide were estimatedly some 10'000 CTI watches with these wings sold. Because we are the only ones they can grab, they want us to pay a fine of $ 30'000 for the few watches! The accusation is fraudulent as we always immediately did what they wanted - also without really agreeing to their points. (Wings are CLEARLY different and the old Breitling designs from the 60ies which were used by CTI are no more copyright protected. We adapted our website after their precise guidelines (by telephone and e-mail) - and later they bring in action that we have made these changes! Of course they have no chance - but it shows how stupid todays management of the moneymachine BREITLING is.
We will publish the entire story soon incl. all letters and lawyer accusations and our replies.

Our servers are under heavy DOS attacks lately - one IP from where the attacks came was detected as one from the swatch-group!. Breitling is not part of the Swatch Group but it shows with which instruments these mega-corporations might work today.. scary!

Chronomat .. off PilotWatch now!

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