HANOWA Swiss Military Chronographs 

Swiss Made 10 ATM and Sapphire Quality for a very good price!

Trademarks: SWISS MILITARY HANOWA registered in many countries world wide. Sports watches for young fashion-conscious people

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HANOWA very fashionable, well-priced watches

Our History:
Hans Noll arrives in Biel, Switzerland, to take over the European sales management for a mid-sized watch factory.

Hans leaves the group with aspirations to establish his own watch-making company with his wife, Elisabeth Noll. Without the resources to purchase an established brand, HANOWA is launched, created from the letters in Hans Noll Watches.

The brand establishes a reputation for exceptional watch making, including ring watches, pendant watches, clip watches and more.

The precision and skill of Hanowa leads to a focus on the production of sports, performance and lifestyle watches. Out of this, the Swiss Military brand is born.

Hanowa celebrates its 45th Anniversary.

SWISS MILITARY HANOWA has grown into a powerful watch brand with global recognition, reflecting a sporty, sophisticated lifestyle that adheres to a philosophy grounded in finding value and elegance at a reasonable price point.

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