Privacy Statement

As our customer, you expect highest quality from both our products and the order process. To ensure highest standards in shipping and handling, we have to rely on technical aids. When you order from us, we will ask you for a range of personal data that we need to deliver our products. We try to limit its extent to the absolute minimum. In any case, we need your surname, name, your full street address, postcode, town of residence and e-mail address process your order. We offer a password-protected online access to your account.

Data Storage and Use
For purposes of data processing, AVIATION-TIME.COM is will store your personal data, update it upon your request and keep all information available for use at AVIATION-TIME.COM.
As AVIATION-TIME.COM is the sole user of your data, we still remain responsible for the secure storage of your data. We therefore ensure that your personal data is only available for AVIATION-TIME.COM.
Any other service provider who will be charged with processing customer data will have to meet the same standards and will be included in AVIATION-TIME.COM’s data protection scheme. AVIATION-TIME.COM does require so called cookies just to simplify the order process in our webshop for yourself. Any information will solely be used to support and simplify the order process. Third parties can not read this information, nor will AVIATION-TIME.COM make this information available to third parties. During each of your visits to our website we will not save non-personal data to improve our presence in the World Wide Web.

Brandt research and promotions
We will not use your personal data and voluntary information for market research purposes or for individualised mail and e-mail offers. Your data will only be used for shipping and handling and will otherwise be inaccessible.

Data protection
To ensure that no personal data can be seen by third parties during data transfer, we use modern encryption technology. At the moment, we use Secure-Socket-Layer encryption (SSL) as proposed by international data protection agencies. Depending on your local browser, this enables an encryption of up to 128 bits.

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