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With the Ucraina crises it has become very difficult to sell Russian watches. Thats why we offer you currently a 20% discount on all these POLJOT models. Just write "Discount"
in the comments field.

* POLJOT was the first watch in space - poljot(1).com was the first site for Russian Watches on the net
* All watches are produced in Moscow using Swiss machines
* No batteries - our watches have a best quality movement, including the famous 3133 and Swiss ETA Automatics
* Each watch case is crafted of Stainless Steel or Titanium not cheap chrome-plating
* Our prices include an original Poljot leather wrist strap
* 24 month warranty on all watches

Poljot-International incl. watches SOYUZ APOLLO, Basilika, Baikal, Strela etc we have for legal reasons mainly in our other online shop closer connected to our retail shop in Basel :
www.FLIEGERUHREN.CH (also in English)

We show here only an extension of the collection of the 100ds of models we sell on and We used to run for about 3 years. It used to be the very first shop with russian watches on the internet. 100ds of new shops followed. The russians took away the URL with a bit doubtful reason - they slept the internet over and had then already the russian URL At this point no watchproduction was ongoing. Bad aspect for us was they inherited the google ranking 5 we had built up. It fell back to 4 meanwhile but without us there would be still the 2 which we met in 2002. Every step means about 70 times more traffic by the way. is 5 and has 2000 visitors a day.

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