150+ vintage watches from soviet times

We present you here a full collection of rare timepieces from USSR times, fully revised and functional. With 1 year warranty. From a swiss collector who passed away; a watchmaker in Geneva revised them all. 15 watches are in 14k Gold.

Until we can publish them on internet, ask for the full list of mostly real special and rare watches.

Brands Almas, Chaika, Kama, Kirova, Kiovskie, Molnija, Pobeda, Poljot, Vostok, Raketa, Sekonda, Slava, Sputnik, Signal, Strela, 2.MWF, SIM, Saturn ..

3133 / 3017 Chronos, Automatics, Mech. Alarm watches, Handwind watches, Pocketwatches.

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